DECAL Pack 01 +DECALmachine ready!

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DECAL Pack 01 contains current 70 different Decals. 

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NOTE: Files with "DM2" in the name, means that it should be used only with DecalMachine 2.0! 

Update Note:

Please remove the older version before you install the new one. 

License Types:

Commercial use of the Decals is permitted but nothing can be included in a asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, or similar products.

  • Single User License - this license is for one person only, you can use it on multiple computers but only one person should have access to it. Good for freelance artists, students, hobbyists, or motivated pro artists.
  • Team license (up to 10 users) - For teams with up to 10 people.
  • Team license (Unlimited) - For teams with more then 10 people.



MRRadTools_INC_Pack01_DM2dot5_v1dot2 - require Decalmachine 2.5.1+

decalMACHIN3 for Blender:

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DECAL Pack 01 +DECALmachine ready!

16 ratings
I want this!